Uphill Travel Policy

All uphill travel at Kissing Bridge is at your own risk.

Kissing Bridge allows uphill access via skinning and snowshoeing during the winter operating season.  All skiers/boarders including those traveling uphill, must have a valid pass or ticket during posted operating hours.  Participants in all of these activities must adhere to the following guidelines and accept all risks associated with uphill travel on an operating ski area:

  1. The designated routes of travel are indicated on the trail map, one will be at North, one at South and two at Central.
  2. Uphill travel is permitted only during designated time and til an hour before sunset, unless participating in a Kissing Bridge guided event.
  3. Please stay to the side of all trails while traveling uphill and while traveling downhill on snowshoes.
  4. You must remain visible at all times to hill traffic, including other customers and staff members. Please do not cross trails and remain on designated trails at all times. Trails may close at any time due to conditions, slopes report will be updated daily with open and close status.
  5. Stay clear of all grooming operations and equipment! Grooming equipment can be anywhere on the mountain at any time – grooming trails, moving equipment and staff, and facilitating snowmaking operations. Groomers are equipped with multiple lights.  If you encounter a groomer, stay out of its path of travel, even if it means leaving the trail you are hiking or getting off of the snow.
  6. Sledding, tubing, sliding on trays or other devices that are not approved sliding devices is strictly prohibited on all trails.
  7. Pets are not permitted on trails.

Snowshoes: Indicated pathways on trail map are used to gain access to the top trails and then you will traverse down the same designated trails to go up. Check daily slope report for open and close status and trail conditions.

Rescue Response: Please be aware that there are no Ski Patrol or First Aid staff on the mountain outside of the operating hours of the ski area. In case of an emergency, please call 911 and know that response times will be extended and at your own cost.

WARNING! If you access the mountain outside of operating hours, you do so at your own risk. Snow may or may not be groomed, hazards may be unmarked, visibility may be limited, vehicles and equipment may be present and/or in operation at any time, and lifts may start or stop at any time without warning. Stay away from all equipment and machinery on the mountain. Use extra caution and remain aware of what is happening around you at all times


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