To all employees and guests:

Kissing Bridge in response to the current Covid  19 status will require all employees and guest to wear protective face coverings at all times while inside our buildings in public areas. This policy is our decision as a private business and is not due to NYS Mandate.  Kissing Bridge will further require all our employees to wear protective face coverings outdoors while loading lifts and or instructing at the base area.

In addition, Kissing Bridge strongly recommends safe distancing inside buildings and will offer multiple sanitizing stations located throughout the lodge and cafeteria.  Kissing Bridge does request that all personal belongings be left in vehicles. Bags may come into the lodge while changing or eating but may not be left unattended unless in a locker or basket check (Rental shop).  Kissing Bridge will not be responsible for lost items. If something of value goes missing, please contact the switchboard. With help and support from our patrons, we hope to offer the best environment to ensure a happy healthy experience for both guests and our staff.


Kissing Bridge Management

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