Main Office and Ticket Center Hours:

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: 9am-5pm

Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: 9am-5pm

BS – Bare Spots                                      V – Variable                                                 O – Open
CO – Corn                                              SC – Spring Conditions                             SM – Snowmaking in progress
FG – Frozen Granular                        WG – Wet Granular                                      IP – Icy Patches
HP – Hard Pack                                   WP – Wet Powder                                          X – Closed
IS – Icy Surface                                       G – Groomed                                              * – Not lighted
LG – Loose Granular                            M – Marked with hazard poles
P – Powder                                        MGS – Groomed Surfaces
PP – Packed Powder                           TC – Thin Coverage

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 Snow Report

Updated as of: Wednesday March 22nd @ 8am

Snowfall In Last 24 Hours (in.) Base Depth (in.) Surface Condition
0 10-50″  MG, IP,BS,LG
Call for the latest snow report: (716) 592-4961

Central Slopes – OPEN 9am-5pm

Trails Difficulty Open Groomed Snow Making
Hemlock Branch more difficult  X
Hemlock more difficult  X
Mistletoe more difficult  O  MG, IP,BS,FG
Candy Cane “Bunny Hill” easy  O  MG,IP,BS,FG
Holly more difficult  O  MG,IP,BS,FG
Mini Park terrain park  X
North Shuttle easy  X
South Shuttle easy  X
Rooster most difficult  X
Eagle most difficult  X
Eagle’s Nest most difficult  X
Twister Terrain Park terrain park  X
Coal Chute easy  X
Twister terrain park  X
Freedom 35 most difficult  X
Devils Funnel more difficult  X
Right On more difficult  X
EZ Rider easy  X
World Of Your Own extremely difficult  X
Big Air Bag terrain park  X
Thunder Run most difficult  X

North Slopes -Closed

Trail Difficulty Open Groomed Snowmaking
Moment of Truth most difficult
Glade most difficult
Black Jack extremely difficult
Dealers Choice more difficult
Crazy Eights more difficult
Slalom Run (Race Arena) more difficult
Glen “Woods” more difficult
Taco Trail more difficult
Exhibition more difficult
Dream easy
Great Northern more difficult
Switchback more difficult
Cruisers Corner easy

South Slopes – CLOSED

Trail Difficulty Open Groomed Snowmaking
Woods Trail most difficult
Snow Ball easy
Twinkle easy
Lower Shuttle easy
Shindig more difficult