Main Office and Ticket Center Hours:

Mon-Wed: 9am-9pm
Thurs-Fri: 9am-10pm
Sat: 8am-10pm
Sun: 8am-8pm

Holiday Dates – Weekend Rates Apply
December 23, 2017 – January 1, 2018
January 15, 2018
February 19, 2018

 BS – Bare Spots  V – Variable  O – Open
 CO – Corn  SC – Spring Conditions  SM – Snowmaking in progress
 FG – Frozen Granular  WG – Wet Granular   IP – Icy Patches
 HP – Hard Pack  WP – Wet Powder  X – Closed
 IS – Icy Surface  G – Groomed  * – Not lighted
 LG – Loose Granular  M – Marked with hazard poles
 P – Powder  MGS – Groomed Surfaces
 PP – Packed Powder  TC – Thin Coverage

For up to the minute slope updates, snow tracking, exciting new info, and much more, please visit our Facebook Page

Snow Report

Updated as of:

Wednesday, January 17th @ 3 PM



Snow fall in the last 24 hrs Base Depth
4″  6-63″
Call for the latest snow report: (716) 592-4961

Central Slopes: Open 9AM-9PM

Trails Difficulty Open Groomed Snow Making
Hemlock Branch more difficult  O
Hemlock more difficult  O MG PP
Mistletoe more difficult  O
Candy Cane “Bunny Hill” easy  O
Holly more difficult  O MG PP
Mini Park terrain park  O MG PP
North Shuttle easy  O MG PP
South Shuttle easy  O
Rooster most difficult  O
Eagle most difficult  O  MG PP
Eagle’s Nest most difficult  O  MG PP
Twister Terrain Park terrain park O @ 12PM  MG PP
Coal Chute easy  O MG PP
Twister terrain park  O MG PP
Freedom 35 most difficult X
Devils Funnel more difficult X
Right On more difficult X
EZ Rider easy X
World Of Your Own extremely difficult X
Big Air Bag terrain park  X
Thunder Run most difficult O  MG PP

North Slopes: 12PM-9PM

Trail Difficulty Open Groomed Snowmaking
Moment of Truth most difficult  O  MG PP
Glade most difficult  O
Black Jack extremely difficult  O  MG PP
Dealers Choice more difficult  O
Crazy Eights more difficult  O  MG PP
Slalom Run (Race Arena) more difficult  O  MG PP
Glen “Woods” more difficult  O  MG PP
Taco Trail more difficult  O
Exhibition more difficult  O  MG PP
Dream easy  X
Great Northern more difficult  X
Switchback more difficult  X
Cruisers Corner easy  X

South Slopes:  10AM-7PM

Trail Difficulty Open Groomed Snowmaking
Woods Trail most difficult  O P
 Outside Edge  most difficult  O P
Snow Ball easy  O P
Twinkle easy  O P
Lower Shuttle easy  O P
Shindig more difficult  O P

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