Welcome to 2017/2018 Season

Kissing Bridge has been part of my winters for as long as I can remember. From walking to the YMCA ski buses that picked me and my sisters up in Nativity’s parking lot on Fridays in the late 70’s, to the infamous “Late Nite Great Nite’s”. I learned and grew my love of the sport at a young age. It wasn’t until I reached my 20’s that I realized just what the sport and more importantly Kissing Bridge meant to me. I am sure that many of you have shared similar experiences here at KB.

In recent years, after working here for the better part of my adult life, I have taken on the mission to help WNY rediscover KB and all it has to offer. That being said, KB is once again going to rise up to hopefully meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

In our spring and summer months, KB has been very busy establishing our summer activities. These are critical for us, as it gives us the ability to maintain and improve our facilities and our brand. Upon your next visit, I’m sure you will see the improvements. I’m sure there are many more that our customers would like too see. Please know we are striving to address them all. We are continuing our plan to increase our snowmaking capabilities, and be able to offer great snow conditions at a reasonable price. KB has always been noted as having “great snow” and exceptional grooming. This will only get better as we push forward.

As the nights become cooler, it won’t be long before the much anticipated lake effect snows start piling up! KB assures our customers that no opportunity will be missed in offering as much terrain, as fast as we can safely! We are constantly reviewing our packages and their value to offer WNY an affordable winter sports destination! We know what is needed moving forward and we will get there! In the meantime come out and see what we’ve been up to, I’m sure you will like the progress.

Richard Fanelli

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