2017-2018 Season

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Season Passes

The more you use your pass, the greater this deal becomes. Enjoy KB for the entire season, as little or as much as you want, without ever waiting in a ticket line!

Includes 6 FREE Group Lessons for Ages 9 and older. Free Group Lessons are offered during our regular Group Lesson Schedule.

Prior to Oct 1 After Oct 1
Adult (14-61) New Ages $450 $675 Buy Now
Junior (7-13) $390 $585 Buy Now
Senior (62 & Older) $390 $585 Buy Now
Tot (6 & Younger)* $205 $370 Buy Now
Night (Monday-Saturday 3pm-Close;
Sunday 2pm-Close)
$310 $410 Buy Now
(Good Monday through Friday ONLY)
$310 $410 Buy Now
Family Season Pass** $2,200 $2,500 Call to Order!
 Student/College Night Season Pass
(Valid every night of the week
Must have current college ID)
$150  $225 Call to Order!

*Children 6 and under receive free Season Pass with Adult Season Pass Purchase.
**Please contact the Ticket Center to order your Family Season Pass (716) 592-4963 ext. 2222.

Ten Packs

An individual discounted lift ticket card program containing 10 (Ten) anytime lift tickets. You will receive either an unlimited or night ticket depending on your arrival time.  Includes 6 FREE Group Lessons for Ages 9 and older.  Free Group Lessons are offered during our regular Group Lesson Schedule.

  • Tickets are transferable with a $20 fee.
  • Transfer fee is waived on March 1. Cardholder must be present at time of transfer.
  • This package is designed for a single person.
  • Junior 10 Pack transfers can only be transferred to another junior.
Prior to Oct 1 After Oct 1
10 Pack (14-61) $330 $515 Buy Now
JR 10 Pack (7-13) $255 $365 Buy Now
SR 10 Pack (62 & Older) $255 $365 Buy Now


The E-Card program allows you to ski or snowboard once a week either Monday through Friday from open to CLOSE or Saturday or Sunday evening. Each week you may choose a different day of the week to enjoy the slopes. Program includes 6 group lessons for ages 9 and older.  Includes 6 FREE Group Lessons for Ages 9 and older. Free Group Lessons are offered during our regular Group Lesson Schedule Monday-Friday; Saturday 6pm; Sunday 3pm.   Card is non-transferable.

Prior to Oct 1 After Oct 1
E-Card $200 $300 Buy Now

Trans Pack

Works like a Gift Card! This program contains TWENTY TRANSFERABLE UNLIMITED LIFT TICKETS, good any time during the entire season. In addition to your own use, your Trans Pack card may be used by a family member, friend, or ANY person of your choice.  You can use as many tickets as you need for your day of skiing/riding, whether it be 1 or all 20.

Prior to Oct 1 After Oct 1
Trans Pack $725 $825 Buy Now

NEW**  KB SIX  –  $125

Your Weeknight Lesson Special

This winter after a hard day of work, instead of going to the gym to tune your body, why not come to KB and tune your skiing or snowboarding.   Think about it, you love the slopes but you wish you were a little better at making those graceful turns you see other people do.  It used to be a lot easier to get a weekly lesson in when you belonged to that ski club or group.  But even then there was always the problem that the club came on a night when you couldn’t.

This season at the request of former ski club members Kissing Bridge has created a program which will give you  six night lift tickets and six hour long group lessons for an unbelievably  low price of only $125.00.  And here is how it works.

The program begins Monday,  January 1st and will run until Sunday, February 25th.   This gives you 8 weeks to get your 6 ski/ride days in.  You must choose your night to ski or ride.  Monday-Friday ski/ride time starts at 3pm; Saturday ski/ride time starts at 3pm; Sunday ski/ride time starts at 2pm.  Lesson time Monday-Friday is 7pm, Saturday 6pm, and Sunday 3pm.

Now there is a commitment involved, once you pick your night you can’t change it because we are going to schedule instructors to meet the demand for lessons on each night.  The last thing we want is to have the lesson groups so large that you do not get the attention you deserve.  Also, if you miss your night you cannot make it up, but if we cancel the lessons for any reason you will get an additional night added to the end of the program.

Participation is limited so to reserve your spot visit KBSKI.com and click on the “Shop” tab. BUY NOW

2017-2018 Military Pricing

Kissing Bridge would like to thank our military personnel and their families for putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom.  We are offering discounts on Seasonal Lift Packages and daily lift ticket.  Proper Military ID is required at time of purchase.  Please contact the Ticket Center @ (716) 592-4963 ext 2222 to place your Season Package order.  Proper ID will be required when picking up your product. More…

Your purchase of a Kissing Bridge Season Pass, program or package is non-refundable.  Certain conditions may apply  – please inquire before purchasing.

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