Enjoy the beauty of the Glenwood Valley from on top of the hill

in a truck that is built for off-roading instead of taking it to the mall.


  • All vehicle make, models and years welcome.
  • Trails are tight and technical which may cause issues for larger trucks.
  • Mild to Wild, rain or shine, we offer it all … steep climbs, off camber, technical and mud. We even include lunch.
  • All vehicles must have exhaust systems, no open exhaust.
  • All vehicles must have seat belts and/or restraints.
  • As the difficulty level goes up, vehicles may experience some body damage if not properly guarded (rock sliders, bumper, etc.).
  • Please have your vehicle topped off with fuel as there are no fuel pumps at KB.
  • Three skill levels being offered, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 20 trucks per level.  This could change based on interest.
  • No unlicensed drivers may operate vehicles on the trails.
  • Driver/truck must be pre-registered prior to July 16, 2017. $75 includes lunch ($95 from July 16, 2017 to July 21, 2017- Must Call 716-592-4963 ext 2224.  No Driver registration on day of event).
  • Passengers can pre-register prior to July 16, 2017. $20 includes lunch ($35 after July 16, 2017 and may be added the day of the event).
  • Waivers must be filled out and signed prior to the start of the ride.

(ADULT WAIVER 18+)                                         (MINOR WAIVER 17-)


BEGINNER CLASS:              Register Here

Very Limited Experience  –  Completely Stock



Off-Road Experience Preferred  –  Modified Vehicles to enhance off-road experience (big tires, suspension lift, with or without winches)


ADVANCED CLASS:               Register Here

Extensive Off-Road Experience Required  –  Highly Modified  –  Lockers & Winch Required

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